Restaurant Consulting

We evaluate your business and give you immediate solutions which provide you with a strategic business plan that will grow your business.

We also provide immediate management, staff, suppliers, Point Of Sale (POS) solutions, restaurant and menu design as well as effective strategies which will elevate your business to the next level and give you an edge in the extremely competitive food service industry.


Restaurant Management Contracts

We provide complete restaurant service contracts to include complete and partial services, staffing and management to suit your needs.

We create and implement restaurant concepts and provide contractual services for the implementation of those concepts.





Complete List of our Restaurant Consulting Services



RESTAURANT P&L REVIEW (Included in Restaurant Operations Assessment or purchased separately)





















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Restaurant Start-ups

Conducting feasibility study, competition analysis, site inspections and demographic study are among the highlights of our restaurant start-up consulting services. We can help you identify the possible traffics in your trade area and come up with the right establishment to attract them. At the same time, we review the sales and profits of the existing restaurants in the area to guide you for potentially better

restaurant idea. Start from scratch with us and take it to a smashing hospitality venue.


Restaurant Turnarounds

Do you need a helping hand to rescue your restaurant from ongoing losses? We can help you to improve your restaurant turnarounds by identifying the problem areas and making all possible improvements. Obtain consultation on how to improve the quality of services; increase restaurant traffics and reduce the wastes and losses.

We have the ability to re-brand your establishment through detailed analysis of your restaurant operations. Enhance your ability to take better and informed decisions and cover all loopholes causing damage to your restaurant business.


Strategic Solutions

If you wish to gain a competitive advantage, you must employ strategic solutions that give a boost to your restaurant. We offer customized solutions to different restaurant owners, considering the varying needs of different types of restaurants. This set of our consultation services help in the improvement of the internal and external environments of the restaurants. Our strategies are distinct and one hand up to what your competitors might rely on.


Restaurant Concept Design

Designing a restaurant model lays the basic foundation of the business. Apart from the layout, there are other factors like ambience, décor, interiors, artwork, lighting and the overall atmosphere that need to

be considered in the process. And of course, you have to focus on menus, visual presentation of menus, catering and other important details. Our experts sit with our clients and devote desired amount of time to render an impressive design every time.

We work on your basic idea of having a formal restaurant or an outside dining place. We also take into consideration whether you target business class visitors, romantic couples, families or all of them. We ensure that a restaurant concept design is finalized only if it satisfies you and our experts.

Concept Development

Converting a restaurant design into reality is the same as helping our clients realize their dreams. We shoulder the responsibility to work in close association with the architects to develop a desired

restaurant design. Our focus covers small details from door knobs to crucial storage and refrigeration requirements. Above all, we supervise the restaurant development process so that it doesn’t go beyond you budget.

Creative Branding

An important part of a restaurant business is to creatively brand the establishment among the customers. We can help your restaurants to have a brand personality through its logos, color schemes, decorations and everything else. Our in-house teams of experts provide assistance in designing a creative and unique logo that matches with the overall restaurant concept and theme. In addition, we help in branding further by helping your restaurant’s spokespersons to make effective statements. The best public relation experts are assigned to help in branding your restaurant.


Menu Development and Engineering

Your restaurant menu can have a far deeper impact on your business bottom-line than you expect. We help in this direction by developing the menu and more importantly, employing the best menu engineering practices. We help you select the cuisines and other items that you must serve to your targeted audiences. Going further, we help to engineer the menus so that they bring back the desired returns on investments. This includes deciding the prices and quantities in which the menu items will be served.


Restaurant Staff Training


A lot depends upon the manner in which the staff of your restaurant extends the hospitality to the guests. Right from setting the table to serving the meal, every single action of the waiters can add to or subtract from the impression. Likewise, it is important to serve the right flavors to your customers so that they repeat their visits. No matter how qualified your staff is, we can add that extra dimension by

offering training services. Remember that efforts and money spent on restaurant designing and marketing may go waste if your staff is not perfectly trained.

Menu Designing


Remember that an attractively designed menu card can leave the first and the last impression on your restaurant guests. The aim of our services is to deliver the right message to your restaurant visitors going through the menu. We take care of visual perception of the menus and at the same time, we ensure that it justifies the costs you wish to spend and profits you want to make. Customized menu graphics and typography are other things we take care of.


Cost Reduction


Restaurant cost reduction measures involve waste reduction and profit maximization. We can help you diagnose the areas in which you can employ the cost reduction strategies. Effective kitchen management to ensure food cost control is one good example in this direction. We can also help in controlling the costs involved in cleaning, packaging, repair and maintenance, equipment maintenance and labor payments without letting the cost reduction hamper the quality of the services. We target at controlling the waste in these areas while maintaining the satisfactory quality.


Profit Solutions


Earning profit is definitely one of the main aims in the mind of a restaurant owner. Apart from controlling the costs, we ca help in increasing profits by helping you integrate the innovative ideas to your establishment. We don’t let our clients stop after opening restaurants, but help them explore ideas that can add profitable extensions to their businesses. At the same time, we help them to carry out regular financial analysis and performance assessments so that they remain aware of their profits as well as losses.


Operations and Efficiency


Effective management is important to keep an eye on various operations of a restaurant. If everything operates desirably, it will add to the efficiency and smooth functioning of your establishment. We provide consultation on how you can take care of various important operations of your restaurant. We also help you choose the latest POS software tools designed using cutting edge technology that can add worth to the operational efficiency of your restaurant.

Marketing and Sales Solutions


Needless to say, marketing and sales strategies are inescapable needs for the success of your restaurant. If you lack the right skills and enough time to market your restaurant, we can help you in this regard as well. We prepare unique and effective marketing and sales strategies that include advertising on all popular media channels and promotional offers. Loyalty programs, community participation and public relation building are other aspects we take into consideration in this direction.


Human Resources


Another category of our restaurant consultation services deals with offering human resource services to the restaurant owners. Our services are not limited to choosing the best staff for your restaurants, but we are also dedicated to continuously improve the performance of your restaurant staff. Our human resource experts provide trainings and seminars to create or polish the required skills in every staff member, including chefs, waiters, receptionists and delivery boys.


Equipment Sourcing


Another part of our services is to provide consultation on the best restaurant equipments that can help you deliver quality food and services to your customers. We can help you through recommendations for the best equipment manufacturers and suppliers in your region and beyond. Note that we take into consideration the standards and safety associated with these equipments while making recommendations.

A complete array of restaurant consultation services is what you can expect by visiting us. Contact us for further information on any particular set of services and get answered for your queries instantly.