TNS Hospitality Private Limited unique perspective regarding the restaurant, catering & hotel industry comes from countless years of hands-on experience. We understand every line of your P & L and how this business scorecard helps your business survive and profit. Our experience gives us a unique advantage in solving difficult issues. Given the opportunity, TNS can help you capture your share of the market and increase your profits.

Our Restaurant Consultation Services Help You Serve Our Customers BetterOutdoor catering tns

Hospitality is all about showing generosity and enthusiasm to serve the customers distinguishably. Our consulting services in different categories can help you raise your success quotient. The talented and experienced members of our team keep on generating creative and unique ideas that can uplift the character of your hotel, restaurant or cafe.

TNS Hospitality brings over 25 years of hotel industry has had vast experience in preparing Satvik North Indian, South Indian, Punjabi, Chinese and continental foods with highest care taken by never using artificial food colors and tasting powders and agents.

TNS Hospitality team has ran many hotels, restaurants & huge canteens, done exhaustive outdoor food catering and also is highly successful as Hotel & Restaurant Consultant.

TNS GuruPrasad

TNS Hospitality is currently running a huge North Indian Satvik Restaurant at AOL, Bangalore.